Meet Piper Shores’ New Board Chair

Mr. Danielson is no stranger to Piper Shores; he has been a board member since 2015 and served as Vice-Chair since 2017. He comes with years of experience in the senior health care field as an estate planning attorney, and he is a frequent lecturer on various estate planning and real estate topics. In addition… Read more »

Piper Shores Elects Five New Board Members and Two New Officers

Piper Shores recently announced that its board of trustees has elected five new board members and two new officers to its 14-member board. “The Board of Trustees of Pipers Shores is delighted to be welcoming five extraordinary new board members to our roster, each of whom has a profound understanding of issues related to finance and investing,… Read more »

Piper Shores Board of Directors Update

Piper Shores is pleased to introduce its newly elected Board of Directors. Leading the Piper Shores Board of Directors for 2016  is Stephen deCastro, the incoming Chairman. Mr. deCastro is the Maine Market Manager for Key Bank’s Private Banking group. He joined Key Bank in January 2010 after spending 15 years at Bank of America… Read more »

Gentle waters, straight ahead

When you see the view of the ocean from Piper Shores for the first time, you feel free. Listening to Dr. Stephen Larned talk about the future, it sure sounds like he’s feeling the same way. “We’ve come around a buoy into gentler water,” he shares. Dr. Larned has been named the new chairman of Piper… Read more »

Piper Shores Chooses Self-Management

Q&A with Patrick O’Reilly, Piper Shores Board Chair After 12 of years working with an outside management company, Piper Shores has decided to transition to a self-management structure with a Board of Directors, CEO and Leadership Team. The purpose of this transition is to enable the Piper Shores local management team to work more closely… Read more »

Piper Shores welcomes CEO James Adamowicz

Piper Shores recently announced that the Board of Directors has hired James Adamowicz as CEO. Mr. Adamowicz (pronounced Adam-O-vich) will provide strategic vision and leadership as Piper Shores chooses self-management after working with an outside management company for its first 13 years of operation. Mr. Adamowicz brings more than 20 years of management experience in… Read more »