Piper Shores residents are a diverse crew who come from a wide variety of places and professions – from NASA scientists to Broadway costume designers, from doctors and lawyers to accomplished writers, artists, and teachers. One of the things they have in common is the decision to choose a nonprofit lifecare community for their retirement.

Read on for some of their stories:

Rosemary and Thor Apthorp
The Apthorps first retirement involved moving to Mount Desert Island. Now they’re enjoying their second.
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Angela Absher
A self-described nomad, Angela has travelled around the world more than once and lived in more places than she cares to count.
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Bruce and Sheila Denny-Brown
One senses the couple has a deep respect for one another, a kindness, and an unbridled enthusiasm for the diversity and the possibilities of life.
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Karen and Gene Brewer
The couple exude the kind of tranquility and contentment that comes with a long, happy, and adventurous marriage. Read more

Barbara Emerson and Joe Kunkel
“When you find the place where you really want to move, all the excuses fall way – and you just do it!” Read more

Betty and Duncan Perry
When you’ve lived in as many places as Duncan and Betty Perry, you know a thing or two about what to look for in a community.  Read more

Henry J. Tosi, Jr.
Mr. Tosi has been a neighbor of Piper Shores for more than 12 years, since the community was first built.  Read more

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