COVID-19 Update on Piper Shores Re-opening Measures

Piper Shores is now over a year into shelter in place measures, and we are pleased to share that we continue to slowly reopen. The following is a message that was shared with our independent residents from Jim Adamowicz, CEO, Leanne Fiet, COO, and Susan Russell, Resident Council President. It is followed by a few… Read more »

Making the Move: Tax and Estate Planning Considerations

Whether you’re considering a move to a retirement community like Piper Shores, or simply planning for the future of your estate – 2012 may be an excellent year to review your options. There are a number of federal laws that may change at the end of 2012, offering enormous opportunity for those planning an estate, selling a… Read more »

Financial Fraud and Investment Scams: Reducing Your Risk

Financial fraud and investment scams are difficult to prevent. Scams are changing every day – and the tools used to target and deceive victims are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to educate and protect against financial fraud. Understanding Persuasion Techniques The first… Read more »

Lifecare: An Effective Way to Manage the Cost of Long Term Care in an Unpredictable Market

Finding comfortable and affordable long-term care for you or for loved ones can be a confusing and frustrating process. The options are seemingly endless, difficult to compare, and in recent years, prices for some long-term care options have skyrocketed, far faster than the rise of inflation. At the same time, long term care insurance companies,… Read more »

Transitioning to Medicare: Tips for Seniors

Transitioning to Medicare, or deciding whether or not Medicare is right for you is a complicated and confusing process. There are hundreds of options, dozens of carriers and minimal guidance available. That’s where independent advisors like Caroline Irwin come in. Ms. Irwin is an independent Medicare insurance broker with Coveside Senior Solutions (CSS) in Portland,… Read more »