The Current Real Estate Market and Retirement Planning

Starting to plan for your retirement? Wondering when is the best time to sell your home, or if you’ll be able to sell at all? On April 6th, representatives from RE/MAX Oceanside of Cape Elizabeth presented a workshop at Piper Shores focused on the state of the current real estate market and how it affects… Read more »

Financial Fraud and Investment Scams: Reducing Your Risk

Financial fraud and investment scams are difficult to prevent. Scams are changing every day – and the tools used to target and deceive victims are becoming more and more sophisticated. However, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to educate and protect against financial fraud. Understanding Persuasion Techniques The first… Read more »

Piper Shores welcomes CEO James Adamowicz

Piper Shores recently announced that the Board of Directors has hired James Adamowicz as CEO. Mr. Adamowicz (pronounced Adam-O-vich) will provide strategic vision and leadership as Piper Shores chooses self-management after working with an outside management company for its first 13 years of operation. Mr. Adamowicz brings more than 20 years of management experience in… Read more »