2023 Sustainability Plan – Letter from the CEO

As an organization that cares deeply about our impact on people and the planet, we take our responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously. Our commitment to aiming for a sustainable future goes to the core of our culture and strategy – and is part of our aspirational goals for a better future.

After months of research and discussion, we are pleased to offer the Sustainability Plan, created in conjunction with the Piper Shores Sustainability Collaborative of residents, board and administration, along with community partners. As we take a retrospective look at our accomplishments and consider the seven focus and key objectives areas contained in the following pages of our plan, being an environmental leader is clearly inextricable from our longterm priorities. In the current economic climate, building a sustainable and resilient business is more important than ever.

At Piper Shores, we are convinced that we have a part to play in reducing the overall environmental footprint of our operations. The plan represents specific, measurable targets and the evaluation of new goals that can further support our sustainability priorities and advance our mission. Our path forward, which we will track and report on, is ambitious, and we remain committed to delivering on our long-term sustainability mission through human capital, financial resources and best practices.

My personal thanks to the many residents, staff, consultants and other stakeholders who contributed to the development of this comprehensive sustainability plan. A confident future requires a robust and thriving environment and a more inclusive and equitable society—and we are determined to be part of the solution. We are focused on what matters most to our residents, staff, and broader community, and believe sustainable solutions are a key to the future of our organization.

Philip D. Jean
Chief Executive Officer