Supporting Local Farms

An ongoing collaboration between the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust and Piper Shores continues to produce more customers for local farms while supporting membership growth at the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT). During the growing months over the past two year, anyone who donated $35 or more to CELT received a $10 gift coupon redeemable at five Cape Elizabeth farms. 

Piper Shores has long supported land conservation in Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough, and this sponsorship program is unique because it supports the sustainability of our local farms and farmers in addition to land conservation.

Piper Shores donates to the program with the goal of generating new members for CELT and increasing awareness of and visitors to local farms. Many Piper Shores residents participate in the Summer Coupon program and make use of the bus service for getting to and from the farms.

“The donation has had quite a favorable effect on CELT and the farms,” said Patty Renaud, Membership and Development Manager at CELT. “A total of 186 coupons were given out over the past year, our renewal rate grew, farm stands got more customers, and thanks to Piper Shores, the farmers got reimbursed for every coupon received.”