New Lifecare Contract Options Available

Piper Shores is pleased to announce a new lifecare contract option that will make Piper Shores even more affordable for select two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio apartments. The traditional lifecare contract at Piper Shores includes the payment of an entrance fee for an apartment or cottage that is 90% refundable when a resident moves out and the unit is resold. The new contract option – referred to as an “amortized balance” entrance fee – provides for a lower entrance fee of the traditional pricing. The refundable portion of the entrance fee is reduced by 2% each month until the fiftieth month of occupancy after which time 0% of the entrance fee is refundable. As the chart below illustrates, the declining balance entrance fee option may be ideal for a new resident with less available cash on hand or who is not planning on leaving an estate to heirs.

All other financial and medical qualifiers for the Piper Shores contract still apply. Monthly fees will be the same for either contract. For more details, please contact Andrea Killiard at (207) 510-5207.