COVID-19 Update on Piper Shores Re-Opening Measures

Piper Shores is now well over a year into shelter in place measures, and we are pleased to share that we continue to slowly reopen. The following are a few of our re-opening measure details that we think will be helpful for the families of residents, friends, and the general public.

As you know from national and state news, we are by no means out of the woods, and we won’t be until a large majority of our general population is fully vaccinated. But there are many positive signs to note and celebrate:

  • Due to the diligence and compliance or resident and staff, Piper Shores has not had a single case of COVID-19 among residents. Staff tests, conducted twice monthly, continue to come back negative. These measures that have felt so burdensome at times have paid off in a remarkably successful community response to COVID-19.
  • 99% of residents, and 84% of all staff, have been fully vaccinated. This uptake of the vaccine is among the highest in our peer group and is a testament to the good education provided to all about the importance of being vaccinated.
  • The speed of the roll-out of the vaccines is increasing nationally. Maine and New England in general remain prudently cautious about fully opening but more unrestricted travel has been allowed by the Governor.
  • Visitation for nursing homes and assisted living residences has been loosened and redefined for vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors.
  • Piper Shores continues to adhere to all the requirements, restrictions, and orders of the CDC, CMS, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and the Governor’s office. That means we continue to follow the core principles of infection prevention including wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene.

Piper Shores Re-Opening Measures

Please note “Fully Vaccinated” means 2 full weeks after a final vaccine shot.

  • Effective May 1, the Piper Road security checkpoint will be discontinued. All visitors must still go through the Holbrook Lobby for screening.

Apartment/Cottage Visitation

  • Before entering a resident’s apartment or cottage, visitors are expected to visit the Holbrook Lobby screening desk. The Holbrook Lobby screening desk hours of operation are 5am-8pm daily.
  • Visits must be conducted within the resident’s apartment or cottage. No access to Piper Shores public spaces such as the Great Room, the Founders Room, the Lounges, Café, or the Dining Room is permitted at this time. Outdoor walks are permitted.
  • Overnight guests are permitted in resident apartments/cottages. As mentioned above, no access to Piper Shores public spaces such as the Great Room, the Founders Room, the Lounges, Café, or the Dining Room is permitted at this time.
  • The guest apartments remain closed at this time. Use of these spaces is under further review.

Wellness Center

  • Maine Health Care at Home (MHCH) nail care continues to be available the first and third Wednesday of every month. Contact the Wellness Center for phone number to schedule.
  • Audiology is available by appointment; contact the Wellness Center for phone number to schedule.
  • Lab draws are available every Thursday 8:45am-9:45am in the Wellness Center.
  • Dental care for on-site dental hygiene is in the process of restarting, and the date is to be determined.

Outpatient Therapies (Physical, Occupational and Speech)

  • Effective May 3, fully vaccinated residents may resume outpatient services in the Holbrook rehabilitation department located in the Health Center.

Indoor Dining

  • The Main Dining Room is open for limited in-person dining. Reservations are required. Only residents may dine in the Main Dining Room. Party size is restricted to six and ordering meals at the table will be available. The occupancy level will be governed by State requirements.
  • The Café continues to be available for limited occupancy dining. In-person café dining is limited to residents only. The Café will continue to support call-in orders at 289-1234, to be picked up by residents.
  • Beginning May 24, Dining Room to-go meals will no longer be delivered to apartments unless medically indicated. As was the pre-pandemic practice, all residents will pick up to-go orders in the Main Dining Room.

Environmental Services/Housekeeping

  • 1-hour cleaning appointments remain in place.
  • Modified deep cleaning service is available.

Transportation (Pharmacy, Medical Appointments)

  • Medical transportation continues to be available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Passenger limits will be observed for all Piper Shores transportation services.
  • Fee-for-service transportation is available.
  • Effective May 24, Pharmacy pick-ups will be discontinued.
  • Effective May 24, Monday and Friday shopping trips (grocery store, bank, etc.) will resume with passenger limits in place. Masking is required while in the vehicles.

Personal Shoppers and Packages

  • Effective May 1, the delivery shed will be discontinued.
  • Effective May 1, personal shoppers can deliver to apartments/cottages after visiting the Holbrook Lobby Screening desk.

Personal Service Providers (PSPs)

  • The reactivation of Personal Service Providers is currently under active review. Additional clarification will be forthcoming.

Resident Store

  • Store hours will continue to be 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday.

Common Areas

  • All Piper Shores corridors/entry ways/lobbies are considered indoor public areas. Masks remain required due to interaction with visitors.
  • All resident lounges remain open for resident use. Masking is at the discretion of the resident.
  • The number of residents permitted in each room continues to be governed by physical distancing requirements and State guidance.
  • Visitors may not use the common areas. Visitors may walk outdoors.
    • Visitors may join residents on personal patios but not permitted on the Oceanside patio.

Life Enrichment Programs

  • Life Enrichment is in the process of clarifying the use of common areas including the Founders Room, The Great Room, and Lounges for programming and use by resident groups and others. The Life Enrichment Department will be issuing more details shortly.

Indoor Fitness Classes and Equipment

  • Effective May 1, classes will no longer be held in the Founders Room or Great Room.
  • Effective May 10, two pieces of fitness equipment will be made available for use in the Katahdin Lounge, the rest of the equipment will return to the Cammock Fitness Center. Residents are requested to carefully clean machines after use.
  • Guests may not use any fitness areas.


  • Sign up for 45-minute time slots continues to be required.
  • Water walking and aerobics classes continue. Sign up is required.
  • Showers remain open for use by residents enjoying the pool.
  • Locker rooms remain open for bathroom and changing. Residents are encouraged to self-clean the locker room after use.
  • Due to limited space, physical distancing must be maintained in the locker rooms.
  • Residents should enter and exit the pool and fitness rooms through the Holbrook Lobby.
  • Guests may not use the pool area.

A detailed update of indoor fitness classes, fitness equipment and pool use will be distributed the week of May 3.

Hair Salon, Massage Therapy

  • Hair salon services are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Please call Lenell at 510-5241 to schedule an appointment.
  • Massage therapy services remain available. Please call 329-4655 to schedule.
  • Nail technician services remain available. Please call 391-0973 to schedule.