About Us

About Piper Shores

Piper Shores is owned by Maine Life Care Retirement Community, Inc., a Maine nonprofit organization formed by a group of prominent Maine citizens with a shared vision. Together, these individuals created Maine’s first and only lifecare retirement community that promotes residents’ long-term wellbeing and health within a continuum of lifecare services.

Piper Shores of Scarborough, Maine is the realization of this ideal. Today, Piper Shores’ residents enjoy an independent lifestyle, a comfortable, secure environment with an oceanfront setting, a friendly community of like-minded neighbors, and onsite access to assisted living and skilled nursing care at the Holbrook all for one predictable monthly fee.

Piper Shores: A Historical Perspective

Completed in August 2001 on a beautiful 138-acre oceanfront setting, the architectural style of Piper Shores closely resembles that of the summer hotels that once graced the area. The exterior style of the main buildings, including 160 apartments and 40 independent living cottages (the latter completed in October of 2002), are influenced by John Calvin Stevens, Maine’s most famous architect.

In the summer of 2004, eight more private rooms were added to the Holbrook Health Center along with two more one-bedroom apartments in Assisted Living, bringing the total number of rooms to 40 and 20 respectively. A residents’ woodworking shop and community garden, was recently added in March 2005.

Local Ownership, Professional Management

Governed by a board of accomplished local individuals, Piper Shores’ mission is to promote the long-term well being and health of its residents within a continuum of lifecare services.

News and Events at Piper Shores

Piper Shores and Piper Shores’ residents are often in the news. For a listing of recent news and events, please visit the News and Events section of our website.

We Invite You to Visit Piper Shores

Since August 2004, Piper Shores has experienced near 100% occupancy. In addition, many future residents have joined Piper Shores’ Neighbors’ Circle wait list. For more information about visiting Piper Shores, our complimentary luncheon tour, or joining our Neighbors’ Circle wait list, please call Andrea Killiard at (207) 883-8700.

Discover the Promise of Lifecare. Call (207) 883-8700 or email lifecare@pipershores.org for a complimentary tour today.