An Unparalleled Commitment to Making Piper Shores an Amazing Culture

My name is Phil Jean. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Piper Shores. Working at Piper Shores is really just an amazing opportunity for any employee. 

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In my first six months here, I’ve been amazed at everything that I’ve experienced. I have seen the commitment from the staff, the relationship between residents and staff, and just the unparalleled commitment to making Piper Shores an amazing culture. One where people are committed to the resident experience, and you’re really engaging in a meaningful way. 

You know, the staff that work here come from all different walks of life and have had different experiences, but the one thing that makes them all the same is their commitment to wanting the residents to have an amazing experience and an amazing lifestyle. We want staff to know, regardless of what department people work in, from environmental services, to food and nutrition, to administration, and everything in between, at the end of the day, that they make more of a difference than they probably even know. And it’s all because of the work that the staff here put into this community. 

One thing that really makes Piper Shores a very interesting, unique, and committed organization comes from a place of board members, resident leadership, and the community staff working together each and every day to really create the experience that we are happy to provide. I think what really stands out for me is both the residents and employees that work here and the fact that they are so committed to each other and to really making Piper Shores the best that it can possibly be.