Featured Summer Solstice Artist

A Conversation with Resident Karen Walker

Piper Shores is getting ready to host its 13th Annual Summer Solstice Resident Art Show and the featured artist is resident Karen Walker. Karen is a retired civil servant and cellular geneticist who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and during the course of her career lived in the Caribbean, Seattle, New Zealand, Hawaii, San Diego, and Maryland.

“I started painting at age 7 and painted right through high school,” recalls Karen. But she didn’t start painting again until completing her graduate work. “I was too busy studying and working jobs,” she says. But once Karen had earned her Ph.D. and completed her post-doctoral work, she took up her brush and oils again.

Despite a demanding career and various moves around the world, Karen made it a priority to find time to paint, and the sea was often her favorite subject.

“In Ancient Greece there was this concept of the four elements – water, air, earth and fire,” explains Karen. “I have found that I am very much a water person.” In fact, Karen says she moved to Piper Shores in large part for the exquisite ocean views and close proximity to the water.

“We are excited to feature Karen’s beautiful painting, entitled Driftwood, in this year’s show,” says Andrea Killiard, Piper Shores Marketing and Life Enrichment Director. “Like so many of our residents, Karen has made art a central part of her life, and the work in this show rivals what is seen at some of Maine’s top art galleries,” she said.

Andrea notes that the event also showcases the importance of activities like painting, drawing, and sculpting as a way to keep seniors active and healthy. “For some people the creative journey is a lifelong passion and for others it is an entirely newfound endeavor and love, but artistic activity can be a vehicle for increased physical, mental and emotional health for anyone,” she said.

The Art Show is an opportunity to experience the Piper Shores community in a casual atmosphere. Visitors can walk around the property, talk to residents, and enjoy the essence of Piper Shores. During the afternoon of the show, participating residents will be on hand to discuss the inspiration behind their art.

The art show will take place on Saturday, June 20, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Great Room. It is free and open to the public.