COVID19 Testing Update, Round 2

We are pleased to share that the Maine CDC HETL lab has informed us that the second round of testing of our Holbrook Health Center staff and residents all returned negative.  We are very pleased that both rounds of testing reflected negative results. We remain grateful for the tremendous work of our clinical leadership team in conducting these tests in such a thoughtful and efficient manner.

In following with CDC and Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requirements, we are planning to conduct routine surveillance testing on Tuesday, September 29 with all Health Center and Assisted Living (AL) staff.  Please note this will be the first testing of our AL staff. Subsequently, we will conduct monthly tests. 

Surveillance testing is part of re-opening long term care facilities and moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and ultimately Phase 3.  It is up to the Maine DHHS to determine when a nursing home can move forward from Phase 1.  Moving into Phase 2 will allow us to facilitate indoor visitation. 

We are excited for the grand opening of our new café!  The transformation is quite amazing. The residents and staff have been looking forward to the end of construction and look…isn’t it beautiful?!

As we enter the true fall season, we remind everyone that continued vigilance with physical distancing, hand washing and wearing face coverings will continue to be an important part of our success moving forward. We believe following the core principles for safety during the pandemic has been a critical component to our success in fighting the virus.  Here’s to cooler nights and crisp fall colors on the trees!