Lifecare as another word for security—security for you, your spouse, even your children. Security, because once you’re a member of a lifecare community, no matter what your level of need or how it may change over the years, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. 

Lifecare offers a full continuum of care from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing or memory care should you need it. All for a predictable monthly service fee.

The social advantages of lifecare

Lifecare is about joining a community. The Piper Shores community is diverse and lively, joyful and engaging. The residents are active, interesting people who come from a wide range of places and professions, from NASA scientists to Broadway costume designers, from doctors and lawyers to accomplished writers, artists, and teachers. What binds them together is their love of life, ideas, discussion, activity, and engagement.

With lifecare, you remain a member of the same community no matter how your physical needs may change. Your friends stay near, and we’ll be here to help and support you spend time with them doing what you love most. 

The health advantages of lifecare

Lifecare is about taking care of yourself so you can have the freedom to pursue the retirement you want. As a lifecare resident, your independent living apartment or cottage provides you with priority access to onsite assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care at Holbrook (located right on the Piper Shores campus), should you ever need them.

Holbrook shares the Piper Shores mission to promote residents’ long-term well-being and health. The Holbrook community is committed to better care and to making residents happier and healthier. 

We think the peace of mind of knowing that your needs will be met no matter how they may (or may not) change is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your children.

The financial advantages of lifecare

With lifecare at Piper Shores, you’ll get to focus on enjoying your retirement in the Portland area, while enjoying financial protection that will safeguard against future medical needs. 

At Piper Shores, you move into the community by purchasing a cottage or apartment, just as you would in any town. This is also known as your entrance fee. Just as when you purchase a home, this one-time payment is based on the size of the residence chosen.

Once you become part of the community, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee that will cover your needs no matter how they may change. Whether you need assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care, your monthly fee won’t change (save only for annual increases established for all residents). It’s like having the ultimate long-term care insurance.

In addition, non-profit Piper Shores lifecare community will refund either you or your estate up to 90% of your entrance fee.

Lifecare in 5 points

With lifecare at Piper Shores, you:

  • Pay for your home—90% of which is refundable to you or your estate
  • Pay one set monthly fee no matter how your needs may change
  • Stay close to friends by staying in the same community
  • Provide peace of mind for your children and yourself, knowing you’ll always be taken care of
  • Remain in your community of friends should you need assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care.

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