Frequently Asked Questions About Piper Shores

Where is Piper Shores located?

Piper Shores is located along the Scarborough, Maine coastline in buildings designed to complement Maine’s architectural heritage. Situated between Higgins Beach and historic Prouts Neck, Piper Shores is close to the former studio of renowned artist Winslow Homer. Piper Shores boasts a stunning location set on 138 acres with 800 feet of ocean frontage.

When was Piper Shores built?

Construction of Piper Shores was completed in 2001. The exterior style of the main buildings, including 160 apartments and 40 independent living cottages are influenced by John Calvin Stevens, Maine’s most famous architect.

Who owns Piper Shores?

Piper Shores is owned by Maine Life Care Retirement Community, Inc., a Maine nonprofit organization formed to deliver the shared vision of an ideal retirement community. Governed by a board of accomplished local individuals, Maine Life Care’s mission is to create and maintain a vibrant community that promotes residents’ long-term wellbeing and health within a continuum of lifecare services.

Is Piper Shores a nonprofit organization?

Yes, Piper Shores is a duly registered 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit organization, Piper Shores is completely committed to providing the highest level of services and resources for its residents. Also, Piper Shores is licensed by the Maine Bureau of Insurance as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

How many residents live at Piper Shores?

More than 300 people from across the country now call Piper Shores home. Piper Shores is a lifecare retirement community for people who feel a connection to Maine.

What is Lifecare?

Lifecare is a simple, long-term solution for managing the rising costs of healthcare. For one predictable monthly fee, Piper Shores’ residents enjoy independent living with priority access, if necessary, to on-site assisted living and skilled nursing care.

What is Holbrook at Piper Shores?

Holbrook provides Piper Shores residents with assisted living and nursing care should their healthcare needs change over time. These services are located on the Piper Shores campus, allowing residents and their spouses continued access to friends, staff, services and amenities at Piper Shores. Assisted living at Holbrook gives people the help they need with daily tasks right in their own private apartments, while the Health Center at Holbrook provides skilled nursing care and short-term physical and occupational rehabilitation. The Health Center has 40 private rooms, and is available to Piper Shores’ residents as well as Medicare and private pay patients on a direct admission basis.

Who lives at Piper Shores?

Piper Shores is a lifecare retirement community for men and women aged 62 and over. It is a vibrant community of people who share a common desire to lead active, involved, independent lives. Piper Shores’ residents may have retired from their careers, but certainly have not retired from life.

How much does it cost to live at Piper Shores?

Piper Shores offers apartments and cottages with a range of prices depending on the different styles. Prices are based upon market rates. Ninety percent (90%) of the purchase price entrance fee is refundable when a resident chooses to leave Piper Shores, once the unit has been resold. Additionally, residents pay a predictable monthly fee for Piper Shores’ services and amenities, including priority access to assisted living and skilled nursing care. Monthly fees do not increase if a resident requires more care, except for the cost of additional meals.

Is there a medical staff available at Piper Shores?

Piper Shores has a medical director on staff as well as Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Clinical Nurse Assistants (CNAs), Certified Residential Medication Assistants (CRMAs) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs).

How do Piper Shores’ residents interact with the community?

Building community and giving back is an important aspect of life at Piper Shores. Community events such as the Piper Shores annual resident Art Show, annual blood drive for the American Red Cross and Volunteer Fair attract residents from Scarborough and many neighboring towns. Also, there are a large number of residents that volunteer both money and time to organizations in the Greater Portland area.

How do I learn more?

We would be happy to send out information about Piper Shores and schedule some time for you to visit us here in Scarborough. Please call (207) 883-8700 or Toll Free (888) 333-8711 or mail Piper Shores 15 Piper Road in Scarborough, Maine 04074. Information is also available online at or click here to request more information.